When do you need to see a physio?

A snapped Achilles heel, torn tendons, ripped cruciate ligaments – serious sports injuries or ongoing conditions often need the skilled hands of a surgeon to start the healing process.

But when surgery is finished, the skilled hands of a physiotherapist should take over.

Surgery is really only just the beginning of the road to recovery…


What is post-operative rehabilitation?

Post-operative rehabilitation is the use of physiotherapy techniques such as massage and specific exercise programs to encourage speedier, more effective recovery in the area of the body that has just undergone corrective surgery.

Everything from a knee reconstruction and hip replacement to a fractured wrist can benefit hugely from post-operative rehabilitation.

Very effective surgery can be an invasive, difficult process to undergo. Instead of simply waiting around for the affected area to heal, post-operative rehabilitation allows a patient to regain mobility and function through proactive, positive steps.


Post-operative rehabilitation advantages

The benefits of post-operative rehabilitation are twofold.

Firstly, by employing techniques such as massage, passive movements and active exercises to the area targeted by surgery, post-operative physiotherapy can help in the reduction of pain and swelling, as well as the increase in range of movement, strength and even the regeneration of damaged nerves.

The phrase “use it or lose it” sums this up.

Our muscles and joints can become stiff and tight when they are not used. Though it’s tempting to sit back and relax after surgery, post-operative rehabilitation encourages the patient to move around using controlled, specific treatments that help regain full use of the injured area.

Secondly, post-operative rehabilitation helps the rest of the body recover. For example, a knee replacement surgery can affect the way you walk, which resultantly might cause aches and pain in your hips and lowerback.

Our bodies are systems, and when one part is affected, so too are the rest. Post-operative rehabilitation allows the body to heal all over, which in turn benefits the area specifically affected by surgery.


Physio Friend can help

Physio Friend, located in Unley, Adelaide, is one of the area’s leading physiotherapy clinics, and are experts in post-operative rehabilitation of everything from sporting injuries to ongoing degenerative conditions.

The physiotherapists at Physio Friend are trained in a wide range of specialist techniques, including manual and manipulative therapy, exercise prescription, electro therapy, dry needling and massage.

Surgery is the first step on the road to recovery – post operative rehabilitation can take you the rest of the way.


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