Don’t make your children slow down for you – active recovery can help you to get back on your feet

When you’re a parent, there are always a million things that need to be done regardless of how you’re feeling. Getting injured and being in pain while you’re doing your day to day routine can really get in the way of being an active parent.   Moments playing catch in...

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Ways to strengthen and release the Vastus Medialis Oblique (VMO) muscle

As promised, in the next couple of posts, we would touch on some ways you could strengthen and release the Vastus Medialis Oblique (VMO) muscle and the Iliotibial band (ITB). Now that the Tour Down Under is on the way, hope all you cyclists pay attention to this! Releases: The...

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Shin Splints

The New Year is approaching quickly! Many of us would make New Year resolutions such as to keep fit or lose weight. As such, most would wipe the dust off those old pair of runners and include jogging into their exercise routine. Therefore for the last post of the year,...

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Plantar Fasciitis

Hope everyone is having an awesome 2016 so far. Riding on the wave of the previous topic on shin splints, today’s post would be relating to another common injury of the feet, Plantar Fasciitis. The Plantar Fascia also known as the Plantar Aponeurosis is a thick flat band of connective...

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Suffering From Knee Pain?

If you have pain at the front of your knee or if the pain feels like it is coming from behind the kneecap, you might be suffering from a condition called Patellofemoral Joint Syndrome (PFJS). PFJS, also commonly known as Runner’s knee, is one of the most common forms of...

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